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Our Story

Spring water, natural water that comes to you from the pure springs of Oman. The source of the spring water is the mountains of the Wilayat of Mahdah, on which rain falls, passes through its rocks and gathers in its interior, which gives it a unique and distinct mineral composition from others.

The factory was opened in 1997 in the Sultanate of Oman, the Wilayat of Mahdah, and the location of the factory was carefully chosen away from sources of pollution.

Our motto: Start life with natural water, the difference lies in the source!


Our Mission

Producing and marketing high quality products at the best standards to gain the trust of our customers. Reliable broad domestic and international access. Attention to providing the best services to customers at the right time and place

Our Vision

We strive to become the leading and most trusted factory in the Sultanate of Oman and the UAE in the field of providing high quality natural water services, retail and corporate services with the best internationally agreed standards in the field of manufacturing, analysis and bottling of groundwater as we are committed to high standards of transparency and integrity.

Our Values

Commitment to the highest quality standards by providing high quality natural with a different taste from other water products desalinated from the sea, so that we are keen on the health of our customers by providing the best and purest groundwater that comes to you from Oman.

Spring Water

Quality assurance

Our quality system is based on the highest globally recognized quality standards. As Spring Water holds the HACCP certificate, as well as the ISO certificate